Daily Rides

Standard Ride Schedule: Daily 9 am and sunset (special requests will be honored for afternoon rides and St. Kitts cruise ship passengers)

Sunset Ride Schedule: Between 4 and 5 pm depending on season

  • Beginners to experienced, ages 6 yrs and older – ride on the beach, on historic trails and through Nevisian villages. Bring the kids! We specialize in family group rides.
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  • This 90 minute ride includes beach and vista views. Start times depend on the time of year and be sure to bring your camera!
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  • Riders with skills above the beginner/novice level may choose to do more than a walk. If that is the case you can walk, trot and canter on a ride tailored to your level.
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  • "Established on Nevis in 1996 and with 40 years of horse mojo, John Guilbert provides a fulfilling experience of island sights and history on horseback."