About Rides

The Nevis Equestrian Centre has been providing this unique horseback riding opportunity to visitors since 1996. Hundreds of people, including such celebrities as Four Seasons Resort guests, – Tracey Ullman, Soni with Hootie & The Blowfish, NFL player Dan Marino, NBA players Charles Smith and Tracey McGrady plus many more have all gone home with this experience “riding high” on their list of the “ultimate adventure”.

Our most popular ride, beach and trail begins down a shaded coconut and cashew nut grove, leading us to one of the many secluded beaches on Nevis. Along the way, we pass Nelson’s Spring, a beautiful lagoon where clipper ships once filled up with fresh drinking water.

We continue through Calhoun Estate where we see Brahma cattle and in the distance, St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, the oldest active Anglican Church in the Caribbean (1643). Looking south you will see Paradise Beach Nevis, a stunning 5 star luxury villa resort.  We turn towards the beach after crossing the Lower Round Road built circa 1690.  We turn south on Paradise Beach which is a turtle nesting beach.  We turn east and slowly climb the mountain slope to Paradise Estate where we see ruins of a sugar mill and then ride past a typical Nevisian cedar shingle home out of the 19th century.  We continue on through the village of  ‘Cotton Ground’ which derives its name from the production of cotton in years past. The people of this village are warm and friendly and you don’t want to forget the name of your horse because the young children, who know the horses, will question you as to which one you are riding.

We return to the stable through the back trails of the riding stables playing hide and seek with the wild, cheeky monkeys.   Upon returning to the stable, we enjoy a cold refreshing drink of our island’s natural spring water.  Just another wonderful day in paradise!